Marty fucking Byrde, putting presents underneath the tree since two thousand and two.

Blonde Hooker

The Blonde Hooker is a minor character on Ozark. She appeared in one of Marty Byrde's fantasy in Sugarwood after he learned of his wife's affair.

Throughout The Series[edit | edit source]

In Sugarwood, the Blonde Hooker appeared in a fantasy of Marty's. After finding out that his wife, Wendy, had been cheating on him, Marty drove to a remote part of town where there was an influx of hookers. Marty imagined having oral sex with the woman, as revenge for his wife's actions. However, it was soon revealed to be a fantasy, and that the woman didn't actually look like his fantasy, nor did they engage in oral sex.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Marty Byrde[edit | edit source]

Within Marty's fantasy the Blonde Hooker and he have a very intimate relationship. Unlike Wendy, the hooker appreciated everything Marty provided for his wife and children. The two got very close and engaged in oral sex until Marty's fantasy was disturbed by the 'real' blonde hooker. In reality the two share a very brief interaction and have no bond. 

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