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Cade Langmore is a major antagonist in the Netflix series, Ozark, serving as a supporting antagonist in the first season and the central antagonist in the second season. He is Ruth's father and spends most of the seasons in jail.

Season 1

Episode 6: Ruth visits Cade in jail. They speak about the money from Marty and discuss on cleaning on it. The conversation leads to cade giving the idea on killing Marty.

Episode 7: Cade is disappointed on Ruth for not killing Marty sooner, Cade then tells Ruth to not visit him until Marty is dead.

Episode 10: Cade calls Ruth from prison. Cade talks to Ruth on why his brothers died. Ruth explains it was an accident. After asking about Marty, and finding out he’s alive, Cade wants to talk in person.

Season 2

Episode 1: In court, Ruth defends her father on many topics. After Cade is released from prison, Cade questions Ruth on why she killed Russ and Boyd, replying back saying they were rats and informations for the FBI. Cade then arrives home happily seeing his nephews and getting his own trailer. Cade then meets Marty thanking him for taking care of Ruth. After small talk, Marty leaves .Later, Cade then talks to his Nephews on life and catching up and the recent events of they’re fathers. After wondering why Marty showed up, Cade questions Ruth. Ruth saying he gave her a raise is the reason why he showed.

Episode 2: Cades parole officer shows up checking on him. After giving him a cup to piss in, he does so right in front of the officer. On a boat ride, Cade then talks about Marty and what he does. Ruth talks about getting a new house and the future if working for Marty, cade doesn’t seem to thrilled about this however. After doing errands for Marty with Cade, Ruth seems thrilled to have her dad along. But everything doesn’t hold up with Cade, because his true colors show When he decides to rob a liquor store even though he’s on parole. He then yells at Ruth that she doesn’t work for Marty and that she’s a Langmore and she’s going to find where Marty’s money is.

Episode 3: Cade walks in on Ruth without knocking, and sarcastically apologizes to Ruth for putting hands on her in the last episode. Ruth agrees to Cade that a job isn’t for a Langmore. Cade then walks with Marty on work, after discussing that he doesn’t need work and instead a pay check, he reminds Marty of Russ and Boyd. Marty then walks away from this. Cade is then reading Ruth’s financial papers, Cade then reminds Ruth that jobs aren’t a Langmore thing. Ruth later gives Cade the keys to the dry dock where his brothers were killed

Episode 4: Cade is at Ruth’s strip club, Cade then causes trouble for not listening to the rules and punches Sam in the face. Cade is then kicked out.

Episode 5: When Ruth is rushing to pack up, Cade notices it and wonders what’s going on. Ruth then explains that the cartel is on her, but Cade reassures her that they are ok. When Marty arrives to Ruth to warn her about the cartel, the cartel arrives as well. Cade then is armed with a rifle, but after knowing he is outgunned he puts it down and gets tied up, along with Marty. After Ruth is tortured, Cade calms her down and comforts her.

Episode 6: Cade checks on Ruth to see if she’s fine. He then reassures her and tells her they’ll get the money.

Episode 7: Cade and Ruth are dealing business by selling parts. Cade and Ruth then talk about a boat to steal with valuable parts. Later, Cade then suggest that Wyatt goes along instead, after thinking that Ruth is still weak after the cartel. Cade then goes down to the dock where the boat is, after trying to steal the part, The owner comes out. This forces Cade and Ruth to go underneath the floorboards of the dock. After the boat was a bust, Ruth starts to cry after failing to make her dad proud.

Episode 8: Cade and Ruth start following Wendy’s business partner. She monitors the security of a potential money stash. Later at night, Cade and Ruth rush into the building knowing where all the cameras are and security pin. They enter the room where the money should be holed up but find it empty. Cade is extremely mad at Ruth for another bust, and hits her for it.

Episode 9: Cade then robs the same strip club that Ruth works at, to hurt her business, And Marty’s. Cade then shows up to Ruth’s home. Ruth is wondering where the money is after knowing that Cade took it. Ruth wants to give it back to Marty but he refuses. Cade then wants to steal Wyatt’s college money as well. Cade is working on a boat when the Sheriff Nix comes wondering what happened at the strip club, Cade Denys that he had anything to do with it. Cade then questions Ruth on why Nix came by, wondering if it was because of her. Wendy then drops in. Cade later goes to Agent Petty to start snitching on Marty.

Episode 10: In the season finale, Cade decides to tell agent petty everything about Marty. However Petty knows about all this information and after insulting him and his family, he kills Petty in a fit of rage. Cade then goes to Ruth for help after killing the FBI agent but Ruth refuses. This enrages Cade. Cade is then seen near the car of agent Petty. Cade then crashes a BBQ after telling everyone to leave. Cade tells Ruth to give him money to run but Ruth refuses. Cade then blackmails Ruth into giving the money or telling what really happened to Wyatts dad. This forces Ruth to confess to Wyatt. Charlotte arrives to see Wyatt but he’s missing. Cade then assaults Charlotte for being there at the wrong place wrong time. Ruth nearly kills her dad because of this. Ruth goes to Wendy and Marty for help. Wendy finally had enough of Cade and promised him 500 grand under the condition that he leaves Ozark. Unbeknownst to Cade, Wendy had set him up as Cade wasn't informed that the money he was awarded with was cartel money. As a result, Cade was shot to death by one of Helen's henchmen who was posing as a motorist. Cades story ends here.

Murders Comitted[]

1) Father- Shot to death for unknown reasons years before the start of the show.

2) FBI Agent Roy Petty- Killed with a rock in a violent rage after Petty viciously insults Cade.