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Camino Del Rio, commonly referred to as "Del" by Marty, was the main antagonist of season 1 of the Netflix series, Ozark. He was portrayed by Esai Morales.


Del was a ruthless Navarro drug cartel lieutenant for whom Marty laundered money. He kills Bruce Liddell and frequently threatens Marty. He worked for Omar Navarro. Del also had a personal henchmen named Garcia who frequently checked on the Byrdes. After his death, Del would check on what happened eventually leading to his death from the Snells. When not managing the Navarro cartel, Del spends his time recording orders at the locale Mexican restaurant El Rancho in Columbia, Missouri.

Del was killed in the final episode of season 1, The Toll, after he called Darlene a "redneck".

Season 1

Episode 1: Bruce calls Marty to one of Dels Offices where Del is interrogating Bruce, the Hansons, And Bruce’s wife. Marty, being confused is asked where Dels 5 million dollars is. After Bruce’s wife is obviously nervous and runs to the bathroom, Del gives off his story of his father and Carlotta. After Marty isn’t convinced Del outright kills Bruce’s wife and takes everyone out back for execution. Turns out it wasn’t 5 million but 8, after hearing this the Hanson's and Bruce are killed. After Marty convinces del he can give 8 million back and launder more at The Lake of the Ozarks, Marty is given a second chance. Even further more, later Del tells Marty that he didn’t know about any money missing, and was just “fishing” leading to Bruce’s confession.

Episode 4: Del calls Marty to check on everything and how it’s going at the Ozark. When Marty says he doesn’t have the money yet, Del threatens to kill his whole family over the phone.

Episode 8: Flashback years prior, Del is introduced to Marty as a man with numbers. He talks to Marty and Bruce for help financially, and even takes Marty, Wendy, and Bruce’s family out for dinner, and plays golf with them. After Marty agrees to work with Del, Bruces agrees as well, and they both meet up at a bar with Del. Del then kills one of his Advisers in front of them, showing what they got themselves in.

Episode 10: In the season finale Del arrives at the Ozarks, to be exact, the Blue Cat Lodge. He meets Rachel, where she is almost caught stealing the drug money right in front of Del. Del leaves Rachel and walks towards his SUV where Agent petty is watching him. Following him, Petty gets the SUV license plate. Del then goes to Marty house, demanding where Garcia is, he removes his toe nails. After telling him about a plan, the both of them go to the Snells where they discuss business. Marty talks about a casino operation, where it will both benefit the cartel and the snells. After Del likes the plan, he lets Garcia go, and decide to think about the future. But that’s shortly cut when Darlene blows his head with a shotgun and Jacob killing his bodyguard, after calling her a Redneck. This kickstarts Helen appearance.


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  • Del worked in his father's store for six years.
  • Del speaks Spanish fluently.
  • Drives an El Camino.
  • Del seems to like Marty as Omar seems to like Wendy.


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