Charles Wilkes is a supporting character in the series, Ozark. He is portrayed by Darren Goldstein.

About[edit | edit source]

Charles Wilkes is a businessman from Kansas City who made a fortune selling agricultural equipment and spent some time in a nun-run orphanage. He's known for giving large sums to Republican candidates and causes.

"Charles Wilkes is a union-busting, right-to-work toolbag," said Buddy. "Although he does have a couple of things on social issues worth listening to."

When questioned by an FBI agent, Wilkes is referred to as the fifth-largest business owner in Missouri, who sits on various boards and who has donated $2.3 million to GOP candidates in state and local races.

Wendy and Marty ask for Wilkes' aid in Season 2. Wilkes wants a large casino-adjacent development in exchange for his aid, but the Snells won't sell more land.

At one point, Wilkes and Wendy work to whip votes for casino legislation, using compromising information on opposing lawmakers to get their way.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

You look close enough, there's always dirt.

Charles Wilkes

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