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City on the Make is the third episode of the fourth season of Ozark. It aired on January 21, 2022 on Netflix.


Maya and Omar meet face-to-face. Wendy has a contentious business meeting. Ruth goes behind Darlene's back. Jonah finds a new place to set up shop.


On board Navarro’s plane, Maya details what the FBI expects from a deal, including prison time. Wendy builds an outdoor shrine to Ben, which she shows Charlotte and Jonah. Jonah rejects the overture and resumes laundering money for Ruth and Darlene until Wendy turns off the basement’s electricity.

At the Lazy-O motel, which Ruth has purchased, Ruth rekindles her plan to distribute Darlene’s heroin through celebrity chef Kerry Stone. Darlene is angry until Ruth shows Darlene how much money they made.

Erin tells Charlotte that Mel, her father’s private investigator, is unable to locate Helen. Jonah moves to the Lazy-O and resumes laundering. Charlotte meets Erin in Chicago, implies that Helen is dead, then reminds Erin to remain silent about Helen’s illegal activities. Marty meets with Clare, the CEO of the Chicago company that plans to buy Navarro heroin, and Javier arrives unexpectedly to take part.

Wendy attempts to persuade Senator Schafer to join the board of the Byrdes’ foundation. Marty hears Javi discuss an upcoming gun sale. He suggests to Navarro that allowing it to be interdicted will establish credibility with the FBI. During dinner with the Byrdes, Javi receives a call informing him that the guns were intercepted.