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Darlene Snell is the overall secondary antagonist in the Netflix series, Ozark, serving as one of the two secondary antagonists in the first season, alongside her husband, Jacob Snell, one of the two main antagonists in the second season, again alongside her husband, Snell and the central antagonist in the third season. She killed her first husband, Jacob Snell.


Darlene Snell is a powerful matriarch in the Ozark series. Although she quotes Bible verses, she enacts violent deeds often.

Darlene is married to Jacob Snell. As young adults, she made sure that Jacob would fall in love with her over any other woman. Eventually, she outwitted and killed Jacob.


Darlene is a cold and rash woman with little to no remorse over the violent decisions she has made. She lacks foresight in thinking of consequences to her actions, instead she relies on her husband to clean up the aftermath of her reckless behavior. A proud woman, she is quick to anger if she feels slighted or disrespected by anyone and has no scruples over murdering guests in her home if they have violated her twisted code of etiquette.

Darlene has exhibited some racist and bigoted behavior, as she justified Hitler's rise of power, has made derogatory comments about the Mexican cartel members, and used a racial slur to refer to Vietnamese soldiers.

Darlene does have a softer, kinder side to her. For instance, she is in desperate need to have a child. After Jacob murders their associate, Ash, whom Darlene loves as a son, she tries to rectify her motherly instinct by attempting to adopt. When her application is denied, she asks Wendy Byrde for the parental rights for Zeke, the son of the Pastor Mason Young. Wendy refuses to give the child up, and Darlene becomes enraged. She then proceeds to kidnap Jonah Byrde, and cut his hair in order to send a message. She threatens to tear down the deal that was made by her late husband regarding the casino. In an attempt to prevent a war, Marty Byrde proceeds to hand Zeke over to Darlene, an act that Wendy does not agree with.

She also showcases her soft side with Wyatt, with whom she starts a relationship with. She also takes a liking towards Ruth, who she sees a lot of herself in. Sadly, it was her lack of foresight and pride that led to her death, as Javi ended up murdering her and Wyatt because of her stubbornly selling heroin. She also showcases fear for the first time in a long time, as she probably realized that she couldn't shoot her way out of it, nor could Jacob save her now.


Tell me Jacob. What the fuck happens if I undermine you?


I love you, Jacob. You just rest. I'll make sure it means something.


Murders Committed:[]

Bobby Dean-Stabbed in the neck with a heroin filled syringe for destroying the Snell's laundering front.

Brinkley Simmons-Blasted in the chest with a shotgun.

Camino Del Rio-Shot in the head with a shotgun.

Frank Cosgrove Sr.-Blasted in the chest with a shotgun

Jacob Snell-Poisoned by cyanide, which was blended into his coffee.

Grace Young-Dies when her baby boy (Zeke) is cut out of her.

Actress Lisa Emery on Darlene Snell:[]

"Every time I get a script, I’m surprised, which is great. It’s not like, ‘Oh, there she goes again!’ I think it’s unpredictable what a great mother she is in her own way."[1] [1] - Lisa Emery in July 2020 Interview with The Natural Aristocrat.