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Ellie is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Ozark. It aired on January 21, 2022 on Netflix.


The Senator extends an olive branch--with a twist. Ruth and Marty scramble to rebuy the drugs Darlene sold. Charlotte ponders life after high school.


In a flashback, Mel is a police detective when he is caught in the evidence locker snorting illegal drugs.

In the present, Clare is upset with Wendy because she was expecting opium poppy gum not powdered heroin. After confirming its purity, she agrees to buy Ruth and Darlene’s heroin. Unknown to Ruth, Darlene convinces Frank Jr. to distribute. Wendy blames Jonah after missing person posters for Ben appear, and Jonah reveals Darlene is behind them. Mel tells the Byrdes he spoke to Wendy’s father Nathan and suggests that Ben killed Helen.

Senator Schafer asks Wendy for an FBI file in exchange for joining her foundation’s board. Marty and Ruth attempt to buy the heroin back from two dealers to whom Frank sold it. One sells to them at a premium, but the second refuses. Wendy files a missing persons report with the sheriff. Jonah reveals to Darlene that he saw his parents with Sheriff Nix’s body. Schafer reveals that he learned from the file that his grandson, who created software that can be used to rig elections, is not under investigation.

Ruth, Marty, and Clare’s security chief visit the second dealer, and Ruth persuades him to sell, enabling Marty to complete the deal with Clare. Darlene has a heart attack while arguing with Wendy, who hesitates before calling for help.