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It Came From Michoacán is the fifth episode of the third season of Ozark. It aired on March 27, 2020 on Netflix.


Maya steps up her bid to turn Marty, whose eerily calm demeanor has Wendy worried. The Byrdes buy a horse farm on behalf of Navarro.


Wendy explains Ruth's laundering team ("smurfing") to Marty. As part of phasing it out, Wendy asks Sam to intentionally lose a large sum at the casino and be repaid in cash. Ruth tells Frank Jr. to stop loansharking because Marty's plan includes extending customers lines of credit.

Navarro instructs Wendy and Marty to buy a Kentucky horse farm. Erin insists on seeing Tommy, the Cosgrove employee who helped set the casino fire. He recognizes Helen's name and snoops in the Byrde house. Cosgrove's employees make a drop of Navarro cash to Ruth, lock her in the truck, and take her for a bruising ride. Wyatt lies at the custody hearing, so Darlene keeps Zeke. Wendy obtains information on Maya showing her as incorruptible, but Marty sees an opening. Darlene and Wyatt begin a sexual relationship.

Darlene restarts her heroin business. Wendy asks the therapist, Sue to help maneuver Marty into agreeing with Wendy. Ben covers Frank Jr.'s car in birdseed and a flock of birds causes extensive damage. Helen gives Marty client information he uses to bait Maya. Navarro operatives at the horse farm geld the prize stud belonging to Navarro's enemy Lagunas. Marty pretends to cooperate with Maya.



  • Lagunas' horse's testicles