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Jacob Snell is a major antagonist in the Netflix series, Ozark, serving as one of the two secondary antagonists in the first season alongside his wife, Darlene Snell, one of the two main antagonists in the second season again alongside his wife, Darlene Snell and a posthumous antagonist in the third season. He is an established local crime lord. Jacob kills Ash in order to pay reparations to Helen for killing Camino Del Rio. He meets his end when his wife Darlene poisons him.


In comparison with his wife Darlene, Jacob is more approachable, has a calmer demeanor and a slow temper. However, he is just as cold and almost as uncompromising as his wife, and he often enabled, and agreed with her homicidal behavior.

Jacob speaks calmy. slowly, and often conveys his points cryptically through parables and proverbs.

As a child Jacob was severely beaten by his father for neglecting his chores, and as a result he does not take kindly to broken promises from his associates.

Enlisted (SP5) US Army Vietnam veteran. May have been introduced to heroin at that time.


What do you do Martin, when the bride that took your breath away, becomes the wife that made you hold your breath in terror?



Murders Committed[]

  • Ash - Knocked unconscious with a log of firewood, and then impaled with a hot poker.
  • Camino Del Rio - Mortally wounded by a gunshot to the throat, and later executed with a shot in the head.
  • Vietnamese soldiers/civilians - It is implied that Jacob killed some people during his service in Vietnam.