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I have 1,150 miles of shoreline to patrol and eight boats. I care about the taxpaying citizens of this county, and the tourism dollar upon which they depend.

John Nix is a supporting character in the series, Ozark. He is the Sheriff in the Ozarks.

Season 1

He first meets the Byrde family after Charlotte Byrde is caught joyriding by Missouri state troopers with Wyatt and Three Langmore. He attempts to get the Byrdes to pay for damage to the boat. Later, Marty Byrde phones Nix for information about Ruth Langmore, who has stolen 3 million dollars from Marty. He investigates the death of Bobby Dean, after the man's body mysteriously ends up next to the Byrde family's dock. Nix is convinced Dean was murdered. After he discovers Dean was murdered by Jacob and Darlene Snell, he gets the department to call the death a heroin overdose, as Nix is in debt to the Snells and is forced to do favours for them. It is unclear how large his debt is. He investigates the arsonist burning of the church being built by the Byrdes. Marty has a team coming to clear the remains of the church away, but Nix tells him his work will have to wait as he has an active crime scene. Nix goes to speak with the Snells after Mason Young arrives at the station with a baby Mason is convinced the Snells cut out of his missing pregnant wife Grace's Womb. He tells the Snells if they are connected to murder he'll have to bring them in. He helps Agent Trevor Evans search a car Camino Del Rio was sighted in, but they find no evidence he was inside.

Season 2

When the FBI raids the Byrde home, Nix goes to tell the Snells that if the FBI obtains a warrant to search Heron Mills, there's not much he can do to stop a raid. After Mason Young dissapears, Nix questions the Byrdes. When Wendy suggests Nix should talk to the Snells, he tells Wendy that he and the Snells "go back a long way. But everything has its limit." After the Lickety Splitz safe is robbed, Nix believes the robbery was done by Cade Langmore. He also believes Cade is selling stolen boat parts. Nix goes to tell Cade that he is going to catch Cade in the act, and send him back to jail. When Cade's body is found with multiple bullet wounds, Nix takes Ruth to identify the body.

Season 3

When Wyatt Langmore is arrested, Nix calls Ruth to come to the station, assuming she will be the one to pay for Wyatt's bail, but Wyatt doesn't want Ruth's money. Nix talks to Darlene after she is witnessed slashing a woman's car tire. Nix becomes frustrated when Darlene asks him to make the charge go away, but Darlene persists. After the Navarro Cartel refuses to distribute Darlene's heroin, she gets Nix to distribute her product the Camden Police Department. At first Nix refuses, but agrees after being intimidated. When Marty Byrde tries to bribe Nix to get his children out of community service, Nix doesn't accept, as Darlene has ordered him to stop protecting the Byrde's. After Ben Davis assaults Marty, Nix agrees to request a transfer to the Central Ozarks Behavioural Health Center in lieu of jail, as Ben is mentally ill. The next day, Darlene tells Nix to get Ben out of the health center by convincing the judge who committed Ben to let him out. Nix asks Darlene to find someone else to distribute her heroin if he does this for her. Darlene agrees, and Nix gets Ben out.

Season 4 Part 1

When private investigator Mel Sattem arrives in the Ozarks trying to find Helen Pierce, who has disappeared, he asks Nix to go and investigate the house Helen was occupying in the Ozarks to look for signs of foul play. Nix refuses, saying that it looks like a divorce case with a wife who doesn't want her husband to find her. Mel leaves Nix his business card. When Nix later looks at the card, he discovers the message on the back that reads: Do your f*cking job... PLEASE. The message convinces Nix to investigate the house, which is now being occupied by Javi Elizondro. Javi tells Nix that he's Helen's friend, and that he's staying at the house while she's away. Marty and Wendy Byrde told Javi earlier that the Ozark Sheriff was a problem for them. When Nix asks Javi how to get in touch with Helen, Javi realises that this is the Sheriff. He tells Nix he is going to turn down the music he is playing, but in actuality turns the music up and pulls out a gun. Javi shoots Nix twice, first in the chest and then in the head, killing him. Javi drives Nix's body to the Byrdes. They and Javi burn Nix's body at their funeral home. Later, a billboard is put up on an Ozark highway, stating that Nix is missing and asking for tips.