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Jonah Byrde is a main character in the Netflix series, Ozark. He is the son of Marty Byrde and Wendy Byrde, and the brother of Charlotte Byrde.


Jonah in the first episode is portrayed as a smart but introverted child. When the family moves to the Ozarks, while at the motel Jonah leaves just like his sister but separately from her. When his mom tells the children that their father launders money Jonah does not have many questions. Notably asking his father multiple times though to confirm that he does do what Wendy said he does.

At the end of My Dripping Sleep, Marty comes in to wish Jonah a good night's sleep, and after he leaves Jonah is seen opening his laptop which is playing clips of the horrible and graphic acts of violence the Navarro drug cartel commits.

Jonah doesn't have many friends, but he befriends Tuck in the Ozarks.

Jonah eventually learns about what his family does and he tries to protect them. He learns how to shoot a gun and even offers suggestions about how they could better launder the money.

Jonah gets a crush on Erin, Helen Pierce's daughter, when she comes to town. At first she ignores Jonah but eventually she kisses him.

At the end of Season 3, Jonah sees that Helen Pierce has compromised his family's well being and wants them dead. He goes to her house with a shotgun to threaten her. She tells Jonah that his mom is not what he thinks - that she really put the hit on her own brother, Ben Davis. Shocked, Jonah lets the gun down and walks home. Frustrated and looking at Ben's ashes, he picks up the shotgun and shoots the glass window in their house.

In Season 4, Jonah is furious about the truth about his mom and his uncle Ben. He starts to distance himself from the family, questioning their intentions. He decides to start laundering money for Ruth, who is working for Darlene. Wendy is furious about this and tries to stop it but she can't. Marty seems proud. Jonah sets up his business in one of the rooms in the Lazy-O motel. Wendy even flags his laundering accounts but Marty helps him erase his tracks.

Jonah eventually moves out entirely and distances himself from his family, despite their many attempts to get him back. He almost moves in with his grandfather, who offers to protect him, but ultimately he goes back to Wendy and Marty. At the end of Part 2 of Season 4, Mel Sattem confronts the family about having Ben's ashes in a cookie jar. He tells them it's the end of them until Jonah points a rifle at him and the screen goes black - but a shot is still heard.

Murders Comitted[]

1)Mel Sattem- shot with a rifle for threatening to expose the truth about Ben Davis' death