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Let the Great World Spin is the second episode of the fourth season of Ozark. It aired on January 21, 2022 on Netflix.


Maya pushes back on Marty's plan for Omar. Ruth pursues the hipster heroin market. Wendy tries to raise $150 million. The new sheriff causes problems.


FBI Agent Maya Miller has her baby and starts maternity leave. Nix’s temporary replacement is Sheriff Guerrero from an adjacent county. Javi directs Marty to clean Helen’s house to hide evidence of Nix’s death, and Javi has to hide when Guerrero arrives and questions Marty.

The Byrdes arrange to sell opium to Shaw Medical, a pharmaceutical company that wants to cut costs on raw materials in exchange for a company donation to their charitable foundation. Wendy intends to expand the Byrdes’ influence by using the foundation to rig elections and bribe politicians.

Ruth becomes Darlene’s partner and works with a celebrity chef and casino customer to persuade his friends to use Darlene’s heroin. Darlene dislikes the idea of marketing her heroin as a “hipster” product and declines to participate in Ruth’s plan. With Nix unable to provide protection for Frank Cosgrove Sr.’s trucks, he declines to distribute Darlene’s heroin.

Jonah remains upset with Wendy because of Ben’s death and begins laundering money for Ruth and Darlene. Maya stays with the Byrdes so she can respond immediately when Navarro is ready to meet. When Navarro calls, Maya decides not to go, but Wendy persuades her to make the trip.