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Maya Miller is a recurring character in Season 3 and Season 4 of the Netflix series, Ozark.


She joins the main cast in Season 3 as an FBI agent and forensic accountant, with one goal of taking Marty Byrde down. She is pregnant throughout the season and she works on site at the casino, monitoring the ins and outs of the finances at the casino to check for any laundering or inconsistencies.

Maya offers Marty a way out- to serve 18 months in a federal prison and then to work for her team directly to prosecute more money laundering cases. Marty initially accepts the offer, but after getting abducted by Omar Navarro, he changes his mind. He decides that he wants to "turn" her and have her work for him. She doesn't fall for it.

Maya continues to get on Marty's case and wants him to take the deal, even though her frustrations with him keep increasing. Eventually they agree to make a deal- Navarro will work with the FBI for 5 years before accepting minimal jail time. Maya arranges the deal and it's a go until she goes rogue and arrests Navarro, leaving the FBI and Marty and Wendy shocked and surprised. After that, the FBI gives her low profile work because they don't trust her as much.

Maya forms a friendship and eventually potential relationship with P.I. Mel Sattem. She advises him as he looks into Marty Byrde and the Navarro cartel.


Maya is the opposite of the previous FBI agents who have been depicted, such as Petty and Evans. She is generally polite, calm, reasonable, and idealistic to a fault. She isn't willing to stoop to the levels of Petty and Evans to get what she wants, and generally believes in attaining justice the right way.

Unlike Petty and Evans, Maya is generally polite and respectful to Marty. Though their relationship becomes tense as Marty attempts to sway her into becoming an asset for him. She is also quite intelligent, quickly seeing Marty's attempt to give her information as an attempt at manipulation and showcasing competence as an investigator and field agent.

Despite being a generally decent person, she isn't afraid to use underhanded tactics to get what she wants, such as arresting Sam in order to mess with Marty or arresting Navarro in order to sabotage the deal the FBI made with him, considering it unethical.

One of her major flaws is that her sense of justice and idealism clouds what is considered practical or necessary. This is apparent when Marty attempted to manipulate her into turning into an asset for him, she saw through what he was doing and refused the information that he was giving her, but this ended up getting her into trouble with her bosses, who chided her for denying this information. It's also apparent when Navarro takes the deal with the FBI, a deal that essentially allows Navarro to continue being a drug lord with impunity. Her disgust with the deal and with the idea that a ruthless drug lord like Navarro could essentially get away with his crimes leads her to arrest Navarro before he gets back to Mexico, which jeopardizes Marty and Wendy's future as well as the deal that the FBI just made with Navarro.