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Maya Miller is a main character in Season 3 of the Netflix series, Ozark.


She joins the main cast in Season 3 as an FBI agent and forensic accountant, with one goal of taking Marty Byrde down. She is pregnant throughout the season and she works on site at the casino, monitoring the ins and outs of the finances at the casino to check for any laundering or inconsistencies.

Maya offers Marty a way out- to serve 18 months in a federal prison and then to work for her team directly to prosecute more money laundering cases. Marty initially accepts the offer, but after getting abducted by Omar Navarro, he changes his mind. He decides that he wants to "turn" her and have her work for him. She doesn't fall for it.

Maya continues to get on Marty's case and wants him to take the deal, even though her frustrations with him keep increasing.