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My Dripping Sleep is the third episode of the first season of Ozark. It aired on July 21, 2017.


Marty finds a way to control Ruth. Wendy worms her way into a job. Looking for another business to invest in, Marty digs for info on the strip bar.


Jonah watches a trio of vultures fly overhead while Marty argues with the movers he hired, which has left all their furniture on the lawn. The kids watch in confusion as Buddy walks down to the lake with his oxygen tank, naked. Marty, also befuddled, tells the family to start moving their things inside. While Marty tries to justify his business to Jonah and Charlotte argues with Wendy about wanting to live with her friend, Petty watches them and takes pictures.

Ruth locks away the $20,000 dollars the Langmores took from Marty, knowing her uncles will spend it irresponsibly. Boyd reminds her that she is not her father, and Ruth counters with the fact that her father would have just beaten him. When she threatens to inform on him, Boyd backs off, and she orders the family to keep quiet about Marty's money.

Now an investor in the Blue Cat Lodge, Marty talks to Rachel about cornering the gas market just as Petty enters, undercover as a civilian named "NAME". Ruth comes to see Marty, demanding a job after getting fired from her job at the motel. She convinces him to hire her, stating that she is of more use because she understands his illegal activity. Marty has her deposit money on camera, associating her with him and ensuring that she will also go to prison if he ever gets caught. Wendy goes out to get ice cream for Charlotte, but becomes anxious and paranoid when seeing a car follow her and hearing about a deadly boating accident on the radio.

Marty drives Charlotte to her job interview at a clothing store, (telling her to stop calling him and Wendy by their first names) which she does well at before noticing Wyatt and Three going by. She stops the interview to go outside and punch Wyatt in the face. While Jonah watches gore videos of the Navarro cartel, while Wendy and Marty discuss the lasting impact the move will have on their children. While Boyd and Russ fight in their trailer, Ruth and Wyatt sit on the roof, and Wyatt expresses his desire to leave the Ozarks. While Marty sits on the couch, a commercial for the SPCA comes on and Marty imagines the narrator talking directly to him, telling him that he cannot be trusted to take care of anything. He hears Buddy coughing severely in the basement, but ignores it.

The next morning, Wendy chases a vulture feeding on a disemboweled deer off their lawn. Marty dumps the deer in the woods, and is met by Agent Evans, who informs him that the FBI is looking into Bruce's disappearance. He cites a phone call Marty made to him the night that Bruce disappeared. (Bruce telling him that Del wanted to see him.) Marty spins a narrative that he was planning to dissolve the company, and that he had noticed Bruce making several phone calls in Spanish. As Evans leaves, he tells Marty that Bruce was working with them as an informant. He offers the Byrdes witness protection, but Marty declines. Charlotte and Jonah debate the morality of Marty's work.

At work, Rachel informs Ruth she will be keeping a close eye on her, distrustful of her family. Marty vouches for her as Wendy continues to have trouble getting the ice cream. Evans and Petty discuss the Byrdes, and Evans asks if Petty wants to get breakfast, revealing they used to date. Petty declines, not wanting to blow his cover, offending Evans. The Langmore boys drive by the house while Wendy hoses off the blood of the deer, making offensive gestures. Wendy concludes that they are the ones leaving the animals on the lawn.

That night, Marty leaves the house when the same SPCA commercial comes on and takes the boat out on the lake, panickedly muttering to himself about his situation before falling asleep on it. He is woken by the sound of a sermon being given, and drives over to see Pastor Mason Young preaching to people gathered, the entire operation taking place on boats in the water. Wendy, meanwhile, starts setting up open houses for Sam Dermody against his wishes.

Another dead animal, a woodchuck, appears on the Byrde's lawn. Wendy, fed up, drives to the Langmore's and throws it at Wyatt, ordering them to stay away from the house and family. When she comes back home, Charlotte observes the ice cream is melted, and Wendy tells her to simply put it in the freezer. Marty, restless, takes a night trip to Bobby Dean's club and gets information about him from one of his strippers. While Petty receives oral sex from a male prostitute and mutters about Evans and his case, Marty asserts to Charlotte that he is doing everything for the family and passes out on the back porch.

Ruth returns home to find her uncles have used their money to buy a pair of bobcats, in hopes of breeding them and selling the kittens. She furiously points out that they are both female, and orders them both into the bobcat cage, locking them in. She bluntly states that she is learning how to launder money from Marty, and will steal his money and kill him when done.




  • 4 Unknown Men
  • 1 Possum
  • 1 Deer


  • The "Z" in this episode's title card is Petty's FBI badge, the "A" is a pair of legs from a stripper in Bobby Dean's club, the "R" is a vulture, and the "K" is a pair of security cameras that record Ruth committing to Marty's business.