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Nathan Davis is the father of Wendy Byrde, Benjamin Davis, and the grandfather of Charlotte and Jonah Byrde. He resides in Boone, North Carolina.


Nathan is Wendy's alcoholic and abusive father, whom she left many years before. After his son, Ben, goes missing, Nathan goes to the Ozarks with his church group looking for answers. He hires a private detective, Mel Sattem, who ultimately tells him that they're not going to find Ben because he thinks the Navarro cartel killed him. He suggested Wendy might have something to do with it. This makes Nathan furious and he takes Wendy to court to take custody of Jonah and Charlotte.

The judge lets the kids decide where to go and they agree to go with Nathan, until the very end when Wendy convinces them not to. Nathan is upset at losing but reluctantly goes home.