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Nelson is a hitman assigned by the Navarro cartel to be Helen Pierce's bodyguard and driver named Alexi. As such Nelson is often used by Helen to do her dirty work.

Almost Nothing is known about Nelson's life outside of, or prior to the events of the show other than his work as a hitman.


A cold and calculating hitman, his cool demeanor often leads to mockery and derision from Ruth, who calls him a 'fucking robot' quite often.

Nelson does not hesitate on sacrificing innocent lives or killing anyone if he must in order to fulfill his superior's orders. This was reflected in how Nelson refused to warn Helen that her time was up, despite Helen's request and ending up shooting her in the head just as Marty's entourage arrived at Navarro's property.

Though Nelson always wears a blank expression and hardly ever speaks more than a sentence at a time, it was revealed in conversation with Helen that Nelson does not grow tired of taking lives, and possibly enjoys executing people.

Murders Committed[]

1) Tony - shot in the abdomen for refusing to submit the gas station's video footage.

2) Cade Langmore - shot in the chest numerous times on Helen Pierce's orders.

3) Sue - killed in an unknown manner on Helen Pierce's orders.

4) Ben - Shot in the head on Helen Pierce's orders.

5) Helen Pierce - shot in the side of the head on Omar Navarro's orders.