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Ozark is an American crime drama web television series created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams for Netflix and produced by Media Rights Capital. Jason Bateman stars as the lead character in the series.

The first season of ten episodes was released on July 21, 2017; the second season of ten episodes was released on August 31, 2018, and the third season was released on March 27, 2020. Part 1 of the fourth season was released on January 22, 2022. Part 2 was released on April 29, 2022. The fourth season was the last season of the show.


Financial advisor Martin “Marty” Byrde suddenly relocates the family from the Chicago suburb of Naperville to the summer resort community of Osage Beach, Missouri, after a money laundering scheme goes wrong, and he must make amends to a Mexican drug cartel by setting up a bigger laundering operation in the Ozarks. When the Byrdes arrive in Missouri, they become entangled with local criminals including the Langmores and Snells.





Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

  1. The Beginning of the End
  2. Let the Great World Spin
  3. City on the Make
  4. Ace Deuce
  5. Ellie
  6. Sangre Sobre Todo
  7. Sanctified
  8. The Cousin of Death
  9. Pick a God and Pray
  10. You're the Boss
  11. Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin'
  12. Trouble The Water
  13. Mud
  14. A Hard Way to Go


The show is set at a modest waterfront resort at Lake of the Ozarks, inspired by the Alhonna Resort and Marina, where series creator Dubuque worked as a dock hand while attending college in Missouri during the 1980s. Most of the shooting locations are in the Atlanta area at Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier, rather than at the Lake of the Ozarks, because of tax breaks offered by the state of Georgia.

The film crew constructed a set in Georgia after extensively studying the Alhonna Resort property. Some scenes are filmed at Chicago locations. Only a few scenes of the pilot were shot in the city of Lake Ozark, Missouri; these include shots of the locally famous "Welcome To Lake Of the Ozarks" sign and the "Injun Joe Muffler Man" statue. Originally, Jason Bateman was supposed to be the sole director for the first season, but scheduling conflicts prevented it, so he directed only the first two and last two episodes.