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Rachel Garrison is a main character in the Netflix series, Ozark. She is portrayed by Jordana Spiro.


Rachel is the owner of the Blue Cat Lodge, the first business that Marty became involved in to launder money through. In The Precious Blood of Jesus, Rachel is arrested for three crimes. To save herself, she makes a deal with FBI Agent Petty to help him catch Marty.

Throughout most of Season 1, Rachel has a healthy and friendly relationship with Marty until she discovers his money laundering scheme and, despite agreeing to continue to work with him, loses all trust in him. Rachel, later, steals $300,000 from Marty from the $50 million of cartel money he had been hiding in the walls of the Blue Cat; with this money she flees the Ozarks

In Season 2 she is seen suffering from substance abuse. While under the influence, Rachel crashes her car into a lamppost. Agent Petty uses these legal troubles to coerce Garrison into returning to the Ozarks and wearing a wire to spy on Marty.

Rachel returns in Season 4 when Ruth flies out to see her in Florida, where she moves after leaving the Ozarks. Ruth convinces her to come back and help her buy the Missouri Belle casino. Rachel is shocked to see Ruth but agrees to fly back. When she's home, she visits Tuck, her old friend- but she's furious when she finds out Marty wasn't looking out for Tuck and let him lose his job.

After Ruth gets the casino and license in her name, Rachel stays on as a manager to help her run the place. Rachel stays with Ruth throughout this time. A hitman for the Navarro cartel comes after Ruth one night and heads to her place- where Rachel is at home watching TV. Ruth warns Rachel to run and Rachel grabs Ruth's rifle. She shoots the hitman and Ruth and Rachel have to bury his body on the property, underneath a swimming pool that is being built. She is very flustered after knowing that she killed a human but she continues on with Ruth at the casino.