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Ruling Days is the fifth episode of the first season of Ozark. It aired on July 21, 2017.


Marty decides to invest in the religious sector, unaware he will disrupt a discreet business operation. A surprise visitor shows up at the Byrde home.


Bobby's body turns up at the Byrdes' boat dock, which they unconvincingly explain away as an accident. Shown copies of the sale documents for the strip club, the sheriff realizes he has no evidence the Byrdes had a motive to kill Bobby, and takes no further action. Jacob Snell attempts to persuade Marty to launder money for him at Lickety Splitz.

Marty sees Mason Young, the local pastor, holding boat-based Sunday services on the lake, and realizes that building Mason a church could present an opportunity to launder money.

Marty asks Ruth to run the strip club over the Fourth of July weekend, which leads to him hiring her as the full time manager. She betters Bobby's management with actions, including hiring new staff, that turn Lickety Splitz into a moneymaker. Roy continues to use Russ as a fishing guide, and attempts to kiss him, provoking a violent reaction. Ruth continues to follow her incarcerated father Cade's advice to learn more about Marty's money laundering, and discovers the hiding place where he stashed the $8 million he brought from Chicago.

Russ shows up drunk at Roy's motel room and they have sex. Marty and his family watch the Fourth of July fireworks together. The Snell heroin operation is revealed - they produce the heroin and smuggle it in Bibles at Mason Young's lake-based congregation. Jacob Snell claims as long as they are on the water, the police can't touch them. The operation is then immediately disrupted by Marty and Wendy's offer to build Mason's church on land.



Guest Starring


  • Alexander Lee Beaver as Danny
  • Sondra Darlington as Congregation Singer
  • Bethany DeZelle as Congregation Singer
  • Kathy Dillon as Congregation Singer
  • Steven Reddington as Congregation Singer
  • Troy Rudeseal as Congregation Singer
  • Joy Glover Walters as Congregation Singer


  • 1 of Wendy's friends