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Ruth Langmore is a major character in the Netflix series, Ozarks, portrayed by actress, Julia Garner. She is 19 years old when the series begins, and makes her first appearance in season 1, initially meeting Marty Byrd by stealing money from the family's room at the Lazy O Motel.


Ruth grew up in the family trailer compound largely independent. Her mother died when she was 8 due to a hit and run, and her father, Cade Langmore, was incarcerated for most of her adolescence. She is close to her cousins, Wyatt and Three, and encourages them to pursue education and avoid falling into the so-called "Langmore Curse." Her survival instincts honed early in life, she not only dominates her criminally-minded uncles, Russ and Boyd Langmore; and she also makes the decision to kill them both. When she learns that Russ is working as an FBI informant and that he and Boyd are planning on killing Marty, Ruth reaches an impasse. Ruth is not a cold-blooded killer like Darlene or a political sociopath like Wendy -- but she knows that if her uncles murder Marty, everything she has worked for would be destroyed, and her family could be implicated as well. She rigs the dock at the Blue Cat Lodge and electrocutes both her uncles.

From that point, as the series progresses, Ruth becomes an invaluable business partner for Marty Byrd. After initially blackmailing him into hiring her, Ruth starts out as a dishwasher in the Blue Cat Lodge. She goes on to run the strip club and then operates the casino, gradually learning more about the laundering business at every point. It is through Ruth's evolution from trailer trash to business woman that we see the conflict between an intelligent and ambitious woman who has overcome so much--and yet remains tied to her rough background in many ways. Her father and uncles are clearly threatened by her successes while Marty is keen to exploit her talent.

In spite of occasional conflict, she is loyal to Marty, and even tolerates it when he does not retaliate against the unfair beating she took from Frank Cosgrove Jr. of the Kansas City mob. However, she ultimately falls out with the Byrds in season 3 when she learns that Wendy not only had her father killed, but is also behind the death of her lover, Ben Davis. These losses hit Ruth hard, and she realizes that the only loyalty she's ever received has come from her own family. The Byrds pay plenty of lip-service to her, but never tangibly support or protect her.

Ruth quits Byrd Enterprises and goes to work with Darlene Snell and Wyatt moving heroin off the Snell farm. She enacts vengeance against Javi when he kills Darlene and Wyatt. Unfortunately though, instead of getting any kind of personal satisfaction or a happy ending, Ruth is shot and killed by cartel leader, Camila Elizonndro.


Tough as nails with the mouth of a sailor, Ruth manages to hold her own in most situations. While she engages in the Langmore business of petty larceny, working for Marty Byrd and learning the laundering business really unlocks her ambitious nature--and many who come to know her are at once daunted by her biting intelligence and business sense. She is guarded around most people, and has a keen sense of judgment.

Ruth does have a soft side though, especially when it comes to her cousins, Wyatt and Three. She continually aspires to a better life for them all and feels tremendous guilt over the deaths of Boyd and Russ.


This is your life. It ain't fucking mine.


I don't know shit about fuck.


“Get some, skinny bitch!”


Murders Committed[]

  • 1) Russ Langmore-Electrocuted after touching a rigged dock
  • 2) Boyd Langmore-Electrocuted by the rigged dock while trying to save his brother Russ.
  • 3) Javi Elizonndro- Ambushed and shot repeatedly by Ruth in the Shaw pharmaceutical offices.