Sam Dermody is a supporting character in the series, Ozark.

About[edit | edit source]

Sam Dermody is first seen as the Real Estate agent the Byrde family uses to find their new house. He later takes on Wendy Byrde as a stager, assisting him in making homes look more attractive prior to showing them to potential buyers.

In Season 2, Sam is tapped by the Byrde family to take over the strip club as the gaming commission starts to dig into the operations of all of the Byrde's businesses. There, he meets Jade, one of the strippers. They start dating and fall in love. In Season 3, he proposes, but before Jade can answer she tells him he has a gambling problem.

Sam was helping the Byrdes with "cash flow issues" (aka laundering) by losing all of his savings at the Missouri Bell Casino. The FBI and Maya Miller caught on and arrested him for aiding the Byrdes launder, even though in reality Sam had no idea what they were actually doing.

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