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Sanctified is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Ozark. It is the last episode of Part 1 of Season 4. It aired on January 21, 2022 on Netflix.


The FBI's long-awaited meeting with Omar takes place. Wyatt shares some news with Ruth. Feeling betrayed, Javi gets aggressive.


Marty has a recollection of his former business partner Bruce mocking Marty’s average life. Wyatt tells Ruth he is marrying Darlene; Ruth asks Frank Jr. not to kill her. The FBI lays down unexpected terms to Navarro; in exchange for immunity, he must remain as cartel head for five years and provide them intelligence.

Maya is incensed that her supervisors lied about their intent. Navarro accepts, but as he prepares to return to Mexico, Maya and local police arrest him. Marty suggests the FBI make the same deal with Javier. Javier compels Jim to tell Marty that Jim needs to see him; Javier is at Jim’s house and beats Marty. Wendy convinces Navarro to tell Javi he was working with the FBI, which stops Javi from killing Marty. Javi accepts the FBI’s offer but for ten years. The Byrdes intend to return to Chicago, but Jonah refuses.

Javier kills Darlene and Wyatt in retaliation for Darlene’s continued heroin sales. Ruth discovers the bodies, then threatens Marty and Wendy with a shotgun. Jonah tells Ruth that Javier is responsible. Wendy says Javi is untouchable, but Ruth says if the FBI wants to stop her, they will have to kill her.