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Sangre Sobre Todo is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Ozark. It aired on January 21, 2022 on Netflix.


Marty is tasked with proving Omar wasn't involved with a bombing. Wendy pays a visit to the Lazy-O Motel. Ruth and Wyatt make a plan.


Maya leads another FBI raid on a Navarro shipment, but the truck driver causes several casualties by detonating a bomb. She blames Navarro, who tells Wendy that Javier was behind it. Darlene is hospitalized following her heart attack and blames Ruth for going behind her back to sell their heroin to Marty. Darlene refuses Wendy’s request to stop using Jonah to launder money.

Wendy asks Jim to become the Byrdes’ family attorney. At a meeting between Marty, Maya, and her supervisor, a senior manager interrupts to say the FBI will deal with Navarro only if he can prove he was not behind the bombing. Navarro tells Javier he is retiring.

The FBI records Marty obtaining Javier’s confession to the bombing. Javi introduces himself to Jim, who says he works for the Byrdes, not the cartel. Darlene kills Frank Sr. after he confronts her about distributing her heroin through Frank Jr. Wendy schemes to have Jonah arrested, knowing that as a juvenile he will not be harshly punished. She also works to have the state social services agency remove Zeke from Darlene’s care. To aid in getting Zeke back, Wyatt proposes to Darlene.

The FBI agrees to discuss surrender terms with Navarro.