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The Beginning of the End is the first episode of the fourth season of Ozark. It aired on January 21, 2022 on Netflix.


Marty and Wendy wrestle with a problematic offer. Ruth goes out on her own, Jonah rebels, and Omar's nephew makes his presence known.

Plot Summary[]

In a flashforward, the Byrdes discuss an upcoming FBI meeting in their minivan when Marty takes his eyes off the road and the minivan is nearly struck by an oncoming truck before rolling over.

In the present, Navarro’s guests enjoy his party while Marty and Wendy wash off Helen's blood in a bathroom. At the party, Navarro tells them they are considered celebrities because they convinced the FBI to take down the Lagunas cartel. Navarro introduces his nephew Javier, who is anxious to assume a cartel leadership role and asks how they will persuade Darlene to stop selling heroin.

In a meeting with Marty and Wendy, Navarro says Javi is impatient to take over, and will kill them all if he senses weakness. Navarro asks the Byrdes to broker a deal that enables him to retire with immunity from prosecution and freedom to travel. Wendy resists but Marty agrees to attempt to arrange it. Private Investigator Mel Sattem attempts to find Helen so she can sign documents related to her pending divorce. Sherrif Nix visits Helen’s home at Sattem’s suggestion, where he discovers Javi.

Javi kills Nix, then delivers the body to the Byrdes for disposal at their crematorium.