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Three Langmore is a supporting character in the Netflix series, Ozark. He is Russ's son, Wyatt's younger brother, and Ruth's cousin.


Three lives in the trailer park with his brother Wyatt. In season 4 episode 3, minute marker 40:20, a conversation between "Three", Kerry Stone, and Ruth Langmore stating Three is named after "The Intimidator" Dale Earnhardt Sr. who drove car #3. Hobbies include shooting bottle rockets and supporting petty crimes committed by family members.


Three is generally shown to be an agreeable and fun loving young man, often hanging out with his brother Wyatt, and sometimes getting into mischief with him. Although Three is the youngest of the Langmore children, he is possibly the most emotionally mature, and does not have as many outburst as his cousin or his brother. Ruth and Wyatt often attempt to shield Three from the crimes committed by his father and the Byrde family because he is the youngest, however he seems to be more aware of their situation than they would like him to be. He was quick to lookup Omar Navarro after Marty threatened his family, he noticed that the guns were missing from his father's trailer after he died, he quickly caught on to the fact that his brother was in a Relationship with Darlene, and he seemed to be aware of the Snell's heroin business.