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Tonight We Improvise is the fourth episode of the first season of Ozark. It aired on July 21, 2017.


Marty hires Ruth to pull off a heist. Agent Petty forges a relationship with a member of the Langmore family. Jonah exhibits disturbing behavior.


Marty gathers information on Lickety Splitz, a money-losing strip club; turned away by the owner previously, he still intends to control it so he can use it for money laundering. Jonah finds the carcass of a coyote and cuts it open, giving his parents cause for concern. They are relieved to find that he was only studying the vultures that came to feed.

Marty hires Ruth to break into the Lickety Splitz safe. Working undercover, Roy watches Marty at the Blue Cat, and develops an interest in Russ Langmore, Wyatt's father and Ruth's uncle. Bobby Dean, the owner of Lickety Splitz, is arrested because of Ruth's plan, and Marty gains access to the safe. He posts Bobby's bail and uses the information from the safe to force Bobby to sell the club.

Jacob and Darlene Snell are revealed as major heroin dealers, for whom Bobby was laundering money. They kill Bobby as retaliation for losing the club, and to keep their drug business secret. Marty shares business secrets with Jonah, including how to make new cash used in drug transactions look old so it can be mixed with cash from legitimate business before being deposited at the bank.




  • Kenny Barr as Bartender
  • KJ Smith as Stripper
  • Ricky Muse as Island Charlie
  • Michael Tourek as Ash
  • Ryan Walden as Three Friend #1
  • Jeremy Dean as Three Friend #2
  • Bryson Truman as Three Friend #3
  • Jantzen McDonald as Three Friend #4
  • Adam Cronan as Creepy Guy
  • Kayte Giralt as Stripper #2